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This post is based on the Searsia lightning talk for the 2018 New Year meeting of the Dutch Internet Society, for which the slides were appropriately made in HTML. (top picture by @bitsoffreedom@twitter.com) [Read More]
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Searsia Version 1.0 released

Earlier this week we released Searsia Version 1.0, a major update of our software that will make it a lot easier to configure your federated search engine. The changes implemented in Searsia Version 1.0 were inspired by the need to support recommendations and advertisements without tracking the users of search... [Read More]
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Search advertising without tracking users

by Djoerd Hiemstra

The past months Searsia investigated ways for small search engines to provide search advertisements without participating in the large advertisement networks of Google and Facebook, and more importantly, without the need for small search engines to track their users. Large advertisement networks operate by pay-per-impression or pay-per-click schemes that need... [Read More]
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Searsia at DIR 2017

We presented Searsia at the 16th Annual Dutch-Belgian Information Retrieval Workshop DIR 2017 which was hosted today by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. DIR 2017 aims to serve as an international platform (with a special focus on the Netherlands and Belgium) for exchange and discussions on research &... [Read More]
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Affiliate marketing as ethical advertising

by Djoerd Hiemstra

Internet advertising is a completely messed-up, multi-trillion euro business that is controlled by a few big players, most notably Google and Facebook. Their business models are based on figuring out as much information about people as possible, and then using people‚Äôs weaknesses and vulnerabilities to persuade them to click on... [Read More]
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