Privacy implications of federated search

by Djoerd Hiemstra

What does “federated” mean in federated search? Like the European Union is a federation of independent countries, so is a Searsia engine a federation of independent search engines. When Searsia receives a query, it does not perform a lot of searching itself: Searsia forwards the query to a limited number... [Read More]
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Dr Sheet Music, A New Search Engine in Town

There’s a new search engine in town: Dr. Sheet Music is a search engine dedicated solely to sheet music. It retrieves results from more than 50 sites that provide sheet music; both sites that provide copyright-free sheets as sites from which you can buy sheet music of the latest popular... [Read More]
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Some thoughts on search advertising

by Djoerd Hiemstra

In many respects, advertisements drive the web. The biggest web companies today — yes, Google and Facebook — get most of their revenue from advertisements, but also many small web sites can exist because of advertising. So, as we work at Searsia to provide developers with open source tools to... [Read More]
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A search engine in your browser

by Djoerd Hiemstra

Information Retrieval has come a long way since Cyril Cleverdon conducted his famous Cranfield experiments on 1400 paper abstracts in the 1960’s. At the time, searching the massive 1.6 megabyte Cranfield collection was a big deal. Today, we routinely take pictures that are much bigger, and even a crappy smart... [Read More]
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A university's autocompletion ABC

Last week we launched our software for query autocompletions: Type in the first character of your query, and Searsia will recommend a query that best completes your prefix. The autocompletions are targeted to the users of the search engine, without the need to track those users. Searsia’s autocompletions are demonstrated... [Read More]
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